Domain Thrashing

I call this my Domain Thrashing. These are some of the domain names that I tried when I decided to finally dive back into the WWW. This is what I found that were either free, taken, or available for a cost.

You must keep in mind that a 'Good' domain name is easily recognizable (evenwithoutspaces), easy to spell, easy to remember, and not easily confused with another domain name {and it might maybe actually relate to what you want to present on your page...}.

I am a technician, electrician, closet physicist, Sci-Fi Geek, amateur carpenter and plumber, a pretty fair mechanic and pocket handcuff expert. I am also fluent at too many other things to list. The domain names below were just pulled out of my ass over a whisky soaked weekend on my quest to find a domain name that fit my admittedly fuzzy vision. This, in spite of a wierd form of mental block that happens everytime I need to remember somebodys phone number.

Obiously this is not every geeky label that regularly bubbles through my brain and not nearly all the possible obscure or more household terms that have been dreamed up in movies, text, or music.

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