The Eye of Harmony

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Eye of Harmony Map

It's a Dr. Who thing

Future home of something very unique, bizarre, and quite cool.

No, this will not be yet another Doctor Who fansite. The domain was chosen after several days of typing in every cool science fictionish term I could come up with (and trust me, some were uber obscure) into a domain service and choosing the best of what was left. Not only was a real cool timey wimey name but it was easy to remember and spell and best of all- it was available!

I have been collecting a few special domain names for a very long time and I have completed my humble dream. Now I intend to use these domain(s) to catch up on my web design skills
(anybody remember HTML 3.0? What in the heck is a Style Sheet anyway?)

And I would like to share some of the really cool things I have been doing that maybe, just maybe, other people are doing too.

Don't go here, really, don't go here!